Do Millennials Just Look for Sex on Dating Sites?

Just like other assumptions about millennials, it is believed that millennials are just looking for casual sex on online dating apps. How far is it true? Do millennials only want physical pleasure or are they looking for something more than sexual enjoyment?

While most people think that sex is what drives most millennials to online matchmaking sites, this might not be the case. You shouldn’t forget that millennials belong to a generation caught up between the 20th-century conception of romantic relationships and Gen Z’s preference for hook-up culture. So, what do millennials actually seek on digital dating platforms? Let’s find out!

What Do the Studies Say?

It is long assumed that settling down with one person is the last thing that millennials would want. But the studies done on millennials dating preference gives another picture. As per the studies, millennials prefer long-lasting relationships over one-night stands or sex.

According to research from Harvard University, it is revealed that millennials either love remaining single or date just one person. Moreover, on analyzing their online dating behaviour on popular apps like Tinder, it is seen that only 5% of millennials on Tinder are into texting multiple people simultaneously. While a little over 5% of millennials expect to indulge in sex straight away.

What Do the Stats Reveal?

The stats clearly show that millennials are looking for something more than sex. If sex was their main goal, why would they abstain from one-night stands? Or why woul ms?

We can safely make out that most of them want a real connection. They want someone who matches their level of craziness, instead of hooking up with someone having completely different vibes. They crave someone who is compatible, rather than settling for someone just for sexual pleasure.

As per research, millennials would rather prefer working on themselves than hooking up for sex. It is suggested that about 85% of millennials agree to spend quality time with their friends or having an intimate serious relationship than changing partners frequently for sex.

The new dating stats no doubt give the younger generation more hope. They don’t only change our conception about millennials, but about dating apps too which were earlier seen as spots to match with random girls and guys for sex.

Is it Time to Say Goodbye to Hook-Up Culture?

Is it true to say that it’s time to bid goodbye to hook-up culture? Although most millennials demand loyalty from their partners, there are always exceptions. We still have a significant portion of the population despising the idea of committed relationships.

Moreover, the Internet is full of dating apps that promote the idea of no strings attached relationships. Since people are exposed to these apps more than ever before, it’s likely for them to get influenced by emerging dating trends. In short, thinking that hook-up culture will go out of the picture is pretty unrealistic.

How to Start a Serious Relationship on Dating Apps?

Starting a serious relationship on online dating apps requires some work. Have a look at the tips below to kickstart a serious relationship on online dating sites.

• Be Upfront about your Expectations: You shouldn’t fake your purpose behind joining an online dating app. Be vocal about it and let your connections know that you are looking for something long-lasting. This way, you will save your time and the time of people looking for casual relationships and sex.

• State it in your Profile Description: People on dating apps go through a person’s profile thoroughly before sending them a request on online dating apps. Therefore, ensure that your profile not only reflects your true personality, but also speaks about your relationship goals. As a result, you will get connection requests only from people who want serious relationships.

• Communication is the Key: To develop a serious bond on dating apps, communicate with your match as often as you can. It is only through communication that you can get to know the other person. You may consider talking to your match over chat or on phone or video calls for effective communication.

• Plan to Meet in Person: It’s always a good idea to meet your online date in real life to see if you both get along well. Things can be entirely different for some couples on the Internet and in real life. Hence, it is important to see if you feel the same for each other in person too.

• Stay Loyal: Committed relationships don’t work without loyalty. It’s easy to mistrust people online, especially on dating apps. Therefore, it’s necessary that you stay loyal to your partner to keep the bond intact. Otherwise, your relationship will fall apart leaving you disheartened.


Are millennials attracted to online dating apps for sex?

As per research, most millennials do not head on to dating platforms for sex. In fact, they want to connect with someone with whom they can develop something deeper and meaningful.

Can you find a person looking for a serious relationship on dating apps?

Obviously, yes. You can certainly find a person who wants a serious relationship on dating platforms as long as you are clear with your expectations. Nonetheless, you need to be patient in order to develop something meaningful and long-lasting.

Why do some people look for causal relationships?